Have you ever struggled putting on your compression stockings? Or worse, tryingzipper compression stocking to take them off? Or, do you have difficulty bending over or reaching your feet to remove your socks? Something that seems simple can be a very annoying problem. Well, there is an answer - zipper compression stockings. 

Compression stockings and socks with zippers are the perfect example of old technology meeting the latest health wear innovations. 

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While compression stockings have been around for many years, they've always had certain drawbacks that can make them difficult to use. The most common issues with compression socks and stockings have been the ease of use of getting them on. And of course, taking them off. Doing so can be a real struggle for individuals, particularly for anyone who has trouble leaning far over or issues with hand or arm strength. Also, just being able to reach all the way down to the foot can create problems. 

How Zipper Compression Stockings Work

The zipper sock design is ingenious really. By incorporating a 3/4 length zipper on the outside or inside of the stocking, you are now able to open the width of the top of the garment, thus allowing for a much easier opening in which to insert your foot. The results is a compression stocking that easily slides over your foot and onto the leg. 

Then, simply zip up the side of the sock, which in turn will create the compression and support you are seeking. 

 At the end of your day, you can easily unzip the stocking and slide it off your foot. What a great answer to that annoying problem. View a zippered sock.

Who Can Benefit From Zipper Stockings?

There are a variety of reasons or conditions where compression stockings can be very helpful. Here is a basic list: 

  • Individuals with circulation problems, such as diabetes and DVT
  • People who spend long periods of time standing
  • Individuals who are bed ridden
  • Athletes or other sports performance enthusiasts
  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone who has trouble wearing traditional compression socks or stockings

What to Look For When Purchasing

First, you need to know what size you stocking you need. Using a measuring tape, measure around your ankle, mid calf and upper leg. Try to measure your leg when any swelling is at its lowest.

Once you have your correct size, you can begin to evaluate materials. Most zippered and traditional compression stockings are manufactured from a blend of fabrics. In many cases, the best performing stockings feature a blend of spandex/polyester/cotton. This blend allows for the proper compression levels. 

Finally, it's always best to buy in pairs. Some zippered stockings come as a single sock, so just be cognizant of buying a pair. 

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